Energy Efficiency

     Rebates and Energy Efficient Options

Midstate Electric Window Rebates (for Sunriver & Three Rivers South)

By upgrading to Green logoenergy efficient windows, you may qualify for a rebate up to $4 per sq. foot of window replaced.  We contact Midstate Electric to arrange an energy audit and discuss program qualifications.  Winch Construction will also complete all necessary paperwork and file the application for your rebate. 

 New energy efficient windows must be installed after the energy audit to receive a Midstate Electric  rebate.

Energy Trust of Oregon Rebates  (Cascade Natural Gas/Pacific Power customers)

As an energy Trust trade Ally Winch Construction will complete all necessary paperwork for your rebate. Rebates range from $2.25 to $3.50 per sq. foot of glass. 

 Keep in mind in addition to the cash rebate from Midstate and/or The Energy Trust of Oregon you will see savings on your monthly power bills for the life of your windows

Tax Credits  

Both federal and state tax credits may be available for windows that are replaced or added to your home.

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Rebates and Energy Efficient Options

Water Heaters

Water heating is one of the largest energy expenses in your home. It can account for one quarter to one-third of your monthly electricity bill. Midstate Electric offers a $200 rebate to members who purchase a qualifying energy efficient electric water heater. Water heaters that are 45 to 54.9 gallons, must have an

Energy Factor (EF) of .94 or higher. 55 to 74.9 gallon water heaters must have an EF of .93 or higher and 75 to 99.9 gallon water heaters must have an EF of .92 or higher. Midstate Electric members must provide proof of purchase, make, model number and date of purchase.