Remodeling in Sunriver

Make sure you hire a contractor that is experienced navigating the Sunriver HOA’s and design review process. We have completed hundreds of projects large and small in Sunriver and can help make your Sunriver dream home a reality. 

What do I have to do if I want to add a (hot tub, deck, garage, extra bedroom, asphalt driveway etc) to my property?

Any exterior change to the property requires written approval by the SROA Design Committee.

Larger proposals such as new construction, enclosed additions require full committee approval and neighborhood notification, while minor items such as reroofing, replacing decks, painting and landscaping will be reviewed by individual committee members administratively.

Administrative reviews are performed on a daily basis while full committee reviews occur twice per month. It is recommended a licensed contractor familiar with the design review process assist with any projects which need a full committee review.

When it comes to remodeling, what are some of the basic Sunriver CC&R’s I need to be aware of?

  • Setbacks (Buffer between property line and where a structure can be located)
  • 7.5 ft setback from the property line for 2 story homes
  • 5 ft setback from the property line for 1 story homes
  • If there is at least 50ft of common behind the home then you can build right up to the rear property line. For every ft. short of 50 ft. you need to add 6 inches of setback i.e. If you have 49 ft of common behind you, there will be a 6 inch setback from the property line.
  • 20ft setback from the front property line

If you are adding a partial second story (adding a den over the garage) the ENTIRE home must comply with the setback requirements for a 2-story home.

Your footprint is not allowed to exceed 35% of the total square footage of the lot. Footprint includes anything 12 inches or higher (home, garage, decks, trash enclosures etc).  This is the footprint of the property, not the square footage!